Sunday, March 8, 2009

Many Ways to Heaven?

I found this at and found it quite interesting. It's written by Jeff Jones.

One of the biggest beefs people have with Christianity is the idea that Christianity is the only way to God. “How can you say that? What about all these other world religions? How can you be right and everybody be wrong? And aren’t they all the same anyway?” In reality, when you look at Christianity, it is very different. It’s very unique from any other faith because it’s not based in works, it’s based in grace. Every other religion gives you all these laws and if you do all these things and you’re a really great person and you can reach enlightenment, achieving perfection and somehow deserve Heaven. It’s all based in what you and I do. Christianity is based on what Jesus Christ has already done on the cross when He died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins, which we deserved. In Christianity, the way to God is not by what we do; the way to God is by trusting in what Jesus Christ has already done and it’s not exclusive. It’s actually the most inclusive religion anywhere because Jesus says, You don’t have to do anything you just come, as you are. And I’ll accept you and I’ll forgive you and I’ll begin to change you and I’ll begin to transform you and I’ll begin to use you as you are.”

One time I was talking with a group of about five or six non-Christian friends and we were kind of in this little study, about faith. One of my friends said, “You know, I don’t understand why Christians are so bothered by all these other people around the world who seem to be happy, all these other religions. I understand they have their way to God, but what about all these other people? Why can’t they just leave them alone? Why worry about those people?” Another one of my friends was a Buddhist girl from Japan and she had been really quiet the weeks that we met and hadn’t said much at all. She started to cry and said, “Please don’t say we’re happy because we’re not happy. For us, it’s hopeless. It’s like this huge weight on our shoulders; just all these chains, these laws, these rules and these things that you have to do and you’ll never get there anyway.” And she begin to describe what it was like under Buddhism to have thousands and thousands of laws and rules of which she didn’t know all of, and knew that only a few people would ever get there. She said, “Christianity is so wonderful because it says Jesus just takes that weight away and it says quit trying to get to Me because I’ve come for you.” She went on to say, “Please don’t leave us, please don’t think we’re happy without this. Please don’t keep us in the dark. Please let us know how Jesus Christ came for us.”


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